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Yes, to live and work in Ukraine you need a visa. However, unlike the rest of Europe, it isn’t too difficult for Americans to get visas to work in Ukraine. Ukraine is not (currently) part of the European Union, so as far as I understand Europeans have to go through the visa process too,

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Number of U.S. citizens living abroad. There are no exact figures on how many Americans live abroad. In 1999, a state department estimate suggested that the number may be between 3 million and 6 million. In 2016, the agency estimated 9 million U.S. citizens were living abroad. However, these numbers are highly open to dispute as they often are unverified and can change rapidly.

Mexico is not only the nearest destination abroad for U.S. and Canadian expats; it is also one of the most popular. Safety can be a concern in some places. However, if you know the right areas to live you‘ll love mexico for it’s amazing atmosphere.

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It is known of as the Riviera of Ukraine! Many rich people live there. I’m told the fishing is good and that the quality of life is considerably higher, cleaner and generally better than in Nikolaev where we live. And now for the Bad News. I’m inclined to believe that Red-Tape was invented here in Ukraine.

New Zealand is one of the best countries for Americans to move to because it has a "skilled shortage list checker;" so you if your skill set is needed, you’ll have an easier time getting a visa.

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(CNN) – Chernobyl, the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster which resulted in thousands of deaths, is to become an official tourist attraction, Ukraine’s president has. Ivanchuk welcomed the.