LGBTQ Veterans Face Compounding Mental Health Challenges

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The military wasn’t the sole cause – she also has a rare nerve disorder that causes intense pain in her face – but. A 2013 study on the mental health of LGBTQ veterans found that almost 15% of all.

Furthermore, approximately 61% of all separated OEF/OIF veterans have used VA health care since October, 2001.17 This means that veterans are largely using civilian medical care facilities further stressing the need for health care providers to be well versed in veteran-specific health issues, war eras, and reintegration issues veterans face.

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health, and employment issues veterans may face. Under the theme, “Recognizing the Military Service of Women and LGBT Veterans: Promoting Achievements & Solving Challenges,” legal experts and veteran.

As a result of stigma, stress, and discrimination, Veterans with LGBT and related identities face increased health risks and unique challenges in health care. We want you to be comfortable talking with your VA providers about all aspects of your life, so we can offer you the best care possible.

Minneapolis VA Health Care System seeks to promote the health, welfare, and dignity of LGBT Veterans and their families. We are committed to making sensitive and high quality health care accessible. Our policies and practices focus on ensuring a safe, welcoming, and affirmative environment of care for LGBT Veterans.

What the report failed to mention is that when female veterans seek mental health services through. katie miller is the Special Assistant to the LGBT Research and Communications Project at the.

At a panel focused on adjusting to civilian life and the struggles that returning service members face. personal issues to students and employees, according to its website. It also provides health.

The health care discussion in the 2020 democratic primary race isn’t doing justice to the health care issues that will face.

Veterans with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), or related identities may face unique health challenges – including a higher risk for mental health issues and suicidal ideation than their non-LGBT counterparts.

A 2013 study on the mental health of LGBTQ veterans found that almost 15% of all LGBTQ service members attempt suicide. That compares to less than 1% for the entire veteran population.