Cuomo Opened the AMC Pandora’s Box… 2008 Crisis a Decade Later

What were the contents of Pandoras Box?. Opening Pandora’s box is a big mistake.. Pandora was told not to open the box by her husband but she did anyway and after she realized that she was letting all those horrible things into the world. She closed the box but then re-opened it to let out.

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 · PB. Pandora’s Box Serving York College of the City University of New York and the surrounding Jamaica, Queens community Fall 2013 Ed. II ; Thursday, October 17 2013

According to this, Pandora opened a jar , in modern accounts sometimes mistranslated as "Pandora’s box", releasing all the evils of humanity. Hesiod’s interpretation of Pandora’s story, sometimes considered as misogynous, [6] went on to influence both Jewish and Christian theology and so perpetuated her bad reputation into the Renaissance .

The Pandora’s Box of war. There is a myriad of proxy wars being fought beneath the surface, including our war with Russia, Turkey’s war with the Kurds, and Saudi Arabia’s war with Iran. The civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen are the human fodder. This slaughter has already lasted nearly 16 years.

Governor Andrew M. cuomo today announced that law enforcement agencies in 17 counties will receive a total of more than $13.2 million to reduce shootings and firearm-related homicides. The funding is allocated through the State’s Gun involved violence elimination (give) initiative, which is designed to aid local law enforcement agencies

Epimetheus kept the key of the box all the time, but one day, when he was asleep, Pandora stole the key and opened the box. As soon as Pandora opened the box, a number of evil entities started flying out of it.